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Two events that are already booked in for 2015 are;

Everingham Family Reunion, Sunday 15th March.

Everfest, 21st & 22nd March.

As Tracey will be away with Briney the beaches website will not be updated from Sunday 9th November until Monday 24th November so please either ring 45791291 and Lana will answer or leave a message for her or email tracey@dargle.com.au and Lana will get your bookings :)

Thanks Lana xox

We apologise for the inconvenience

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Thank you to every single person that has helped Briney, we really appreciate all your efforts.

Click on the F1H20 Link for all the news and updates from Qatar and Abu Dhabi.


Thank you for your excellent photos Alison, Renee & John Bosher.


09 November 2014 was the last time this page was updated

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Darglelites our girls just keep on doing us proud; Lana was one of 9 finalists in the Australian Hotels Association Women in Tourism and Hospitality Scholarship. We went to the luncheon where the announcement was made and they announced the winner which wasn't Lana but the AHA announced that there were too many good candidates and they felt they had to award another 2 full scholarships and for Lana to be chosen just shows what we knew all along that you have a very bright future, go get it! Very, very proud of you.