Latest Ski Park News:

 The park is now closed for winter, see you all when it warms up.

Two events that are already booked in for 2015 are;

Everingham Family Reunion, Sunday 15th March.

Everfest, 21st & 22nd March.

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Latest Team Dargle News:

21 July 2014 was the last time this page was updated

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DVBC Spectacular

THANK YOU To every single person who helped us put the show on the water.

Boat racing doesn’t exist without the truckload of support from its volunteers and the financial support of its sponsors. Please make sure you show your appreciation to all those who have helped put this show on the water.

Major Race Winners

Dennis Clarke King of the River - Explicit, Chris and Toy Hearne.

DVBC John Burrows Smith Gold Cup - Oxygen Thief, Chris Pugsley

Trojan Series Round One - InExcess, Jeff Stunell

Casenails 6ltr Open - Oxygen Thief, Chris Pugsley

Chiquita Cup - Mac n Speed, Lindsay MacMillan

DVBC Pro Stock Shield - Desperate, John Davoll

John ‘Rocky’ Allen - Mac n Speed, Lindsay MacMillan

Full results are here

John Boshers excellent photos are here.

DVBC 2014 Spectacular

We are very proud to say that Alan Smith aka Dad, Poppy, Smithy was named in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list as an Order of Australia Medal recipient for his Services to Power Boat Racing.