Latest Ski Park News:

Two events that are already booked in for 2015 are;

Everingham Family Reunion, Sunday 15th March.

Everfest, 21st & 22nd March.


Latest Boat Racing News:

UHPBC AGM will be held on

Wednesday night 29th October at 7.30pm.


Latest Team Dargle News:

Unbelievable. Briney finished a clear second in her first race in China. She came off the dock in her first ever dock start in third place and raced her way into second within 3 laps, she even survived her first re-start after the MadCroc boat rolled over in very rough conditions. The Team Sweden crew clapped her back onto the tent. To say we are proud is an under statement. Doggy & Todd have been unbelievable & thank you Rhys for your messages & phone calls to keep Briney on track. Thank you Cohen Bros for the email that was hand delivered just before she went out, that put a smile on her face. Thanks again everyone for your support & encouragement.


After a few second day blues on Monday & coming off the highs from Sunday Briney was a bit off her game in practice but then got her head together to put in a great qualifying run to get second & 1st was only .4 of a second in front her. Then she drove the race with the determination that we know she has with badly blistered hands to finish 2nd. This afternoon Briney gets to stand on the 2nd step of the F1H20 podium with an Australian flag Thank you everybody that has helped her achieve her dream. Special thanks to Doggy & Todd, we couldn't have done it without you, even Doggy's eyes looked a bit teary lol. We are just so proud. Thank you Jesper Forss for your help & guidance & your propeller, you helped Briney immensely. Thank you Jonas & Team Sweden for this huge opportunity.

Briney is off to Qatar on the 10th November for the next round followed a week later by the Abu Dhabi round then Sharjah on the 19th December

Thank you to every single person that has helped Briney, we really appreciate all your efforts.

Click on the F1H20 Link for all the news from China and information on the upcoming rounds.


Wayne in Miss Tina Breeze GP 60 raced at the Eppalock and made some significant steps forward in both driver, boat and engine. They raced 3 races but unfortunately in the last race their was a major malfunction which has resulted in terminal damage for the engine.

  Briney had a very busy but successful weekend at the Windsor Spectacular. She raced in Cheap Trick in Formula Future and Queen B in Formula 4-S as well as crewing for her Dad in Oxygen Thief and her Mum in Queen B which raced in Formula 3. Running three boats in three separate classes at a major weekend was a logistical nightmare but with the help of our awesome family and friends especially Briney's sister Mallory and the Sherry and Vella families as well as Sir Al, Simon Troy and the crew from Rhys Cole's Racing we got through it. Briney had her last race as a Formula Future driver and when she got back to the ramp there were plenty of tears and much emotion but it was all smiles when she won the Glenn Banks Trophy and won the Formula 4-S point-score for the weekend with 5 wins from 5 races.

Thank you for your excellent photos Alison and Renee.


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Darglelites our girls just keep on doing us proud; Lana was one of 9 finalists in the Australian Hotels Association Women in Tourism and Hospitality Scholarship. We went to the luncheon where the announcement was made and they announced the winner which wasn't Lana but the AHA announced that there were too many good candidates and they felt they had to award another 2 full scholarships and for Lana to be chosen just shows what we knew all along that you have a very bright future, go get it! Very, very proud of you.