Latest Ski Park News:

 The park will re open on Friday 26th September.

Two events that are already booked in for 2015 are;

Everingham Family Reunion, Sunday 15th March.

Everfest, 21st & 22nd March.

 All beach deposits for the October long weekend are due ASAP!!!

The Smith, Pugsley and Dargle families sends its love and deepest sympathies to the Newall family on the passing of Lou. Lou is one of the last of the tough but caring river ladies and was loved by all. RIP Lou, you and Tim have a lot of catching up to do. Xoxox.

A celebration of Lou’s life was held  on Thursday 18th September.

Latest Boat Racing News:

All the competitor information for the UHPBC Spectacular is now available

Latest Team Dargle News:

Thank you for your excellent photos Alison and Renee.

The other very big news we have to share is that you may remember that Briney went to Italy with Alan and Paul Kirkby in June to go and meet one of her idols Bimba Sjoholm who races in the F2 World Chmpionship. Briney had the opportunity to meet some of the teams and see how it all works on the world stage. Out of that trip came an offer from Jonas Andersson from Team Sweden for Briney to race the Team Sweden F4 at the final four rounds, starting in China in October, Qatar in November then Abu Dhabi and Sharjah (Dubai) in December. After much consideration and thought and lots of advice seeking and the fact that our Formula Future drivers can now race an F4 (same as Queen B) from the age of 14 provided they have had at least 2 years experience racing in J3 we have accepted this once in a lifetime opportunity.

We understand the enormity of the task but its, as I said to good to pass up. Briney has the bit between her teeth and is now on a very steep learning curve to make sure she is ready for China. With the help and tuition of Rhys Coles, Paul Kirkby, Todd Leary and Simon Troy we will get Briney as ready for the experience as we can. We have been humbled by the support and this is going to be an expensive exercise and something we would love to fund ourselves but wont be in a position to.


Briney n Bimba

18 September 2014 was the last time this page was updated

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DVBC Spectacular

THANK YOU To every single person who helped us put the show on the water.

Boat racing doesn’t exist without the truckload of support from its volunteers and the financial support of its sponsors. Please make sure you show your appreciation to all those who have helped put this show on the water.

Major Race Winners

Dennis Clarke King of the River - Explicit, Chris and Toy Hearne.

DVBC John Burrows Smith Gold Cup - Oxygen Thief, Chris Pugsley

Trojan Series Round One - InExcess, Jeff Stunell

Casenails 6ltr Open - Oxygen Thief, Chris Pugsley

Chiquita Cup - Mac n Speed, Lindsay MacMillan

DVBC Pro Stock Shield - Desperate, John Davoll

John ‘Rocky’ Allen - Mac n Speed, Lindsay MacMillan

Full results are here

John Boshers excellent photos are here.

DVBC 2014 Spectacular

A message from Briney

I never thought the night would go like that. I can’t thank everyone enough for making the effort to come and support me along this journey and to make it happen. To each and every person who attended last night, thank you very, very much. It meant the absolute world to not only me but to Mum and Chris especially. The night ran extremely well and all over was an awesome night. From the night itself, we raised just a little over the $20 000 mark. That is a HUGE effort and from the very bottom of my heart, there is not enough thanks in me to express how great ful and humbled I am of the support I have received. It has truly made me realise how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I have around me. I am truly greatful. Also a MASSIVE thanks to Mark Staunton and his Wife Leanne for making their way from Queensland to make the night that it was. But to the number one person, my legend of a mother. If it wasn’t for you the night would have never of ran. I love you to bits. Again, thank you to everyone who has sent money or even just a lovely message. I thank you very much for giving the support and for making it possible to live the dream. Massive thanks to Rhys Coles, Paul Kirkby, Martin and Michelle Cook, Poppy (Sir Alan Smith), Mum and Chris for getting me to where I am. If it wasn’t for you guys I never would have even got the opportunity to do half the things in have done let alone do what we are about to do. Crazy to think 15 days and we will be on the plane to China.