Upcoming events at Dargle for 2015!

The Errol Jay trophy for Australian Unlimited Displacement (BAD) boats, The Arch Spooner Gold Cup for Unlimited Outboards (F1). The Stuart Doyle Gold Cup is the N.S.W. Championship for Unlimited Displacement as well as the Jack Howarth NSW Unlimited Outboard Championship. Plus all our ‘Dargle races, King of the River, Dargle Gold Cup etc

Should be a cracka of a race weekend. Stay Tuned!

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Excellent photos by Vittorio Ubertone & Simon Palfrader & Arek Rejs.

Check out their FB pages for more great photos.

To see more photos head to Briney’s racing page

27 April 2015 was the last time this page was updated

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Slide show of all four rounds that Briney competed in.

Briney has been again given the opportunity of driving for Team Sweden in the 2015 Eurofin Cup which this year has 6 rounds, confirmed (France, Portugal, China, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah). This is more opportunity to keep an Australian racing overseas on the world stage and after much discussion we are going to go for it. The first round was in Qatar on the 13th and 14th March, which Briney was fastest in practice and qualified on pole but the race was cancelled due to the water conditions. We need help attracting sponsors that would partner Briney in 2015 and beyond. Club Marine Magazine has a five page article about Briney in this months February anniversary issue which will help spread the word. As well as competing overseas Briney will be racing her F4 in her 2 boat BRP Racing team in the AFPGP series and other major meetings in Australia promoting the new to Australia, F4 class. There must be a company or companies that would want to promote their business both here and overseas and partner with a mature, photogenic, personable, talented, very determined young lady from Australia. Please help spread the word! Thank you

The park and river access are currently on a wait and see situation. The grounds are soaked and more rain is forecast for the end of the week. For up to date information on the river and park grounds situation please check our Dargle Facebook page, which is being updated on a regular basis, thank you.