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Upcoming Race Meetings

For Oxygen Thief & Cheap Trick



                         14 / 15     September                UHPBC Spectacular - Oxygen Thief, Cheap Trick

                     5 / 6/ 7   October LWE            Australian Combined Championships 2013 - 2014 season, Griffith.






Taree Easter 2009                3rd Commodores Cup


Bundy 2009                            1st - 6ltr Pointscore

                                                4th - Trojan Cup


Yarrawonga 2009                1st - Jack Kavanagh Memorial 6ltr Displacement

                                              2nd - Les Spears Unlimited Displacement

                                              3rd - Yarrawonga Gold Cup, Unlimited Open


Berri 2010                           1st - Heat 4 Stannard Cup Australian Unlimited Open

                                             2nd - Les Schrapel Memorial, Unlimited Unblown

                                             3rd - 6ltr Injected Pointscore, (2nd, 1st, DNF water pickup broke, DNS MSD Box Died)


Dargle 2010                       1st - Heat 1 Casenails

                                            3rd - 6ltr Injected Pointscore


Taree 2010                         1st - Heat 2 Eastway Shield NSW Unlimited Open


Mildura 2010                        1st - Unlimited Open, non championship heat.

                                              3rd - Albert Corn 6ltr Australian Championship.


August UHPBC Club Day    1st - J2 Handicap Pointscore


UHPBC Spectacular 2010    1st - Menace Cup

                                                1st - 6 Ltr Injected Heat

                                                3rd - Commodores Cup


Gol Gol 2010                         1st - Formula Future Pointscore - Cheap Trick

                                                2nd - Fastwater Cup - Oxygen Thief


Bundy 2010                            1st - Formula Future Pointscore - Cheap Trick

                                                3rd - 6 ltr Injected Pointscore

                                                4th - Iron Nuts Shield

                                                4th - King of the River

                                                5th - Trojan Cup


UHPBC Club Nov Club Day    3rd - Formula Future J3 Pointscore


Yarrawonga -                         1st - Jack Kavanagh Memorial 6ltr Displacement


Australian Formula Future Championships - 6th  in J3


Melton                                      1st - Heat 3, Melton Gold Cup

                                                 2nd - Formula Future pointscore

                                                 2nd - Melton Gold Cup final. Unlimited Displacement

                                                 3rd - Keith Harrison Invitational U/L Open

                                                 3rd - Seidler Homes Cup final. Unlimited Unblown.

                                                 3rd - Paul Reynolds Memorial final. 6ltr Injected.


Australian Titles Nagambie         3rd - Albert Corn 6ltr Australian Championship.

                                                      3rd - Errol Jay Australian Unlimited Displacement Championship

                                                      1st - Heat 3,  Riverside Unlimited Championship

                                                      3 wins and 3 thirds for Cheap Trick


Taree Easter Classic                Oxygen Thief

                                                    2nd Commodores Cup 6ltr Injected

                                                    2nd Geoff Stevenson Memorial Unlimited Displacement

                                                    3rd Eastway Shield NSW Unlimited Inboard Championship

                                                    3rd Stuart Doyle NSW Unlimited  Displacement Championship

                                                    6ltr Injected races, 3 wins and 3 seconds

                                                    Loose in the Dark

                                                    2nd Chappo Straight Course Classic

                                                    2nd Eastway Shield NSW Unlimited Inboard Championship

                                                    2nd ? King of the River 

                                                    3rd Liberty Cup

                                                    Hydroplane races, 3 wins and 2 seconds

                                                    Cheap Trick

                                                    Demonstration only


UHPBC Spectacular 2011        2nd Miscreant Cup

                                                    3rd Menace Cup

                                                    3rd Trojan Cup


Bundy 2011                                2nd 6 ltr Injected Pointscore

                                                    3rd Brad Pratt Memorial Unlimited Displacement

                                                    Cheap Trick, Briney won 4 of her 5 races and won the pointscore

NSW J3 Formula Future Titles        2nd     Cheap Trick    Briney


Australian Titles - Melton 2012        3rd     Albert Corn Australian 6ltr Displacement Championship

                                                            Fastest Qualifier for Australian 6ltr Carby Championship

                                                            4th    Melton Gold Cup    

                            Formula Futures    Demonstration only but 2 x 2nds on short track

                                                            1st     on the long track.


Taree 2012                                        2 wins and a 2nd in 6ltr Injected 

                                                            2nd Eastway Shield, NSW Unlimited Inboard Championship

                                                            3rd Stuart Doyle Gold Cup, NSW Unlimited Displacement Championship


Paynesville 2012                            Loose in the Dark

                                                        1st Paynesville Gold Cup

                                                        1st Riviera Cup


St George 2012                          Loose in the Dark

                                                    1st  Champion of Champions

                                                    1st  Spencer Miller Unlimited Inboard Trophy  


                                                    Oxygen Thief

                                                    2nd  Champion of Champions

                                                    1st  Sam Brown 6ltr Disp Trophy    

                                                    1st  Emil Lundberg 6ltr Open

                                                    1st Fred Hawkins Memorial

                                                    1st  Alan Boyd Memorial

                                                    2nd  Spencer Miller Unlimited Inboard

                                                    2nd  Eric Chadwick Memorial Unlimited Unrestricted

                                                    3rd  Barry Sharp 6ltr Open


UHPBC Spectacular 2012        1st   Menace Cup

                                                    1st   Miscreant Cup

                                                    1st   Dargle Cup

                                                    2nd  Trojan Cup

                                                    3rd  Cross Invitational

                                                    3rd  King of the River

                                                    1st   5 from 5 for J3     Cheap Trick/Bad Attitude

  Eppalock 2012                                   

Loose in the Dark                     1st     Lawson Shield Australian 6ltr Hydroplane Champion

                                                  2nd    Hayes Wood Australian Unlimited Inboard Championship

                                                 2nd    Max Kirwin Australian Unlimited Hydroplane Championship


Oxygen Thief                           2nd     Jack Kavanagh 6ltr Disp

     3rd      Eppalock Gold Cup Unlimited Unrestricted

                             3rd     Hayes Wood Australian Unlimited Inboard Championship


Briney driving 'Lil Rapt'             4 wins and 2 seconds from 6 races


UHPBC December Club Day       Briney in Bad Attitude / Cheap Trick

                                                     1st    J3 

                                                     2nd     Formula Future Commodores Cup

                                                    2nd     2012 UHPBC J3 Pointscore


Australian J3 Formula Future Championships        Presidents Trophy winner and 4th in J3


Melton Gold 2013    Oxygen Thief    1st     Ht 3 Melton Gold Cup

                                                            2nd    Waterford Trophy / Riverside Special Australian UL AEIO Championship

                                                                            2nd    Unlimited Displacement Trophy race

                                                            3rd    Melton Gold Cup Final

                                    Cheap Trick    3 wins and 3 second places from 6 races


Devonport Regatta            1st        John Palmer Cock o Mersey

Granton Spectacular          1st        Australian Dulux Trophy, Australian Unlimited Unblown Championship

                                            1st        King of the River

                                    2nd       Stannard Cup, Special Australian Unlimited Open Inboard & Outboard Championship


Taree 2013        Loose in the Dark           1st       Eastway Shield

                                                                    1st        King of the River

                            Oxygen Thief                  3rd        Trojan Cup

                                                                     3rd        Eastway Shield

                                                                     3rd         Stuart Doyle NSW Unlimited Displacement Championship

                            Cheap Trick                     Demonstration Only


Paynesville 2013    Loose in the Dark       1st          Riviera Cup, 6ltr Open

                                                                      2nd         Paynesville Gold Cup

                                 Oxygen Thief              2nd          Riviera Cup, 6ltr Open

                                                                      3rd           Paynesville Gold Cup


Pykes Reservoir  Loose in the Dark    3rd   E C Griffith Cup Australasian Unlimited Inboard 


Dargle 2013               Loose in the Dark       1st           Casenails, 6ltr Open

                                                                         2nd          John Burrows Smith Dargle Gold Cup

                                 Oxygen Thief                  1st           Commodore 6ltr Cup

                                                                          2nd          Grandfather Bertie Unlimited Disp

                                 Cheap Trick                      2nd          Overall in J3


Lockyer Powerfest            Loose in the Dark       1st         Queensland Cup Unlimited Open

                                                                                1st        6ltr Open point score

                                            Oxygen Thief              2nd       Queensland Cup Unlimited Open

                                                                                 2nd        6ltr Open point score

                                            Cheap Trick                 1st         J3 & 9 from 9


St George 2013

                                        Oxygen Thief                1st        Barry Sharp 6ltr Displacement

                                                     1st        Fred Hawkins Unlimited Displacement

                                                1st        Alan Boyd Unlimited Displacement

                                        1st        Sam Brown 6ltr Displacement

                                    2nd        Emil Lundberg 6ltr... Open

                                                2nd        Spencer Miller Unlimited Inboard.

3rd        Harold Troy Unlimited Unrestricted

                                    Loose in the Dark              1st         Emil Lundberg 6ltr... Open

                                                1st        Spencer Miller Unlimited Inboard.

                                                    2nd        Harold Troy Unlimited Unrestricted


NSW J3 Formula Future Titles                            3rd     Cheap Trick    Briney



Questions and Answers that appeared in the Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club Spectacular program.

What is your name? Chris Pugsley.

What is your boat name and how did you get the name? Oxygen Thief. It’s what one of my mates

reckons I am, an Oxygen Thief and it seemed like the perfect name for the boat.

What boat manufacture? Evercraft 18’6” capsule.

What class do you run in? 6ltr Injected.

Why do you run in the class and do you want to step up to another class one day? We’ve got the best of both worlds we can run in our 6ltr races and then step up to Unlimited to have a crack at the blowers. Some of the closest and hardest racing I have seen over the years, I believe has come from the 6ltrs.

Name your crew? Team Manager and Wife Tracey, Engine Builder and Father In-Law Alan, Crew Chief and Brother In-Law Wayne and our four Daughters Sammy, Mallory, Lana and Briney who are our gophers, they are the ones that get cold and wet holding the boat and putting it in and out of the water and they are our number 1 supporters.

Where do you live? Dargle, Lower Portland.

What power boat club do you belong to? Dargle Valley.

How many years in racing? On and off for over 20 years.

How did you get involved in powerboat racing? My Uncle Ray had race boats called ‘Samantha’ when I was young and that’s what ignited the passion.

What do you like about powerboat racing? The people and the way it brings families together to go racing.

Is there anything you don’t like in powerboats? The lack of urgency to make the sport safer.

Can you tell us a bit about the boat and engine? 362 cubic inch, methanol, injected Chev with Racer Pro heads, Larry Martins old Kinsler Injection, dry sumped and it makes around 780 hp.

What is your favourite event and why? Windsor, great venue and its real close to home.

What is your most memorable win? 2009 Jack Kavanagh Memorial, 2010 Menace Cup.

Who is your most feared competitor and why?  Mal McColl, old school = hard as nails.

If you could have one wish, what would that wish be? The Penrith Panthers to win the Premiership in 2010. Oops !

Who in the world would you like to meet outside of powerboat racing and why? Mark Webber, good old Aussie boy competing at the highest level of motorsport in the world.

How can we make powerboat racing a better sport? Safety first. Getting more drivers into capsules, they may not save everyone but you’ve got to give yourself a better chance to survive.

Is there anyone you would like to thank? (Sponsors) Dargle Turf and Soil, Rams Head Service.

                                                                            Our family and friends for getting behind this thing.


Paynesville Gold Cup 2012  

Loose in the Dark 

Congratulations Wayne



2011 UHPBC Spectacular Photos - Thanks

UHPBCSPEC2011 _3521RG.jpg (272465 bytes)    UHPBCSPEC2011 _4262RG.jpg (325035 bytes)    UHPBCSPEC2011 L_6383RG.jpg (259334 bytes)    UHPBCSPEC2011 L_6595RG.jpg (360384 bytes)    UHPBCSPEC2011 L_6598RG.jpg (309846 bytes)



2011 UHPBC Spectacular Photos - Thanks John Bosher

Copy of OO6U9026.jpg (508888 bytes)    Copy of IMG_7359.JPG (152490 bytes)    Copy of IMG_7381.jpg (268483 bytes)    Copy of IMG_6616.jpg (316643 bytes)




Champion of Champions - Loose in the Dark - St George 2011

Congratulations Wayne




Thanks for the photos Peter Esz



Mildura1 Resized.JPG (89094 bytes)    Mildura2 Resized.JPG (85145 bytes)    Mildura3 Resized.JPG (82949 bytes)    Mildura4 Resized.JPG (90299 bytes)

  Sorry Dad !!

taree1.jpg (873587 bytes)    taree2.jpg (686744 bytes)    taree3.jpg (573644 bytes)    

Mal Dexter's Photos from Mildura and Taree. Thanks Mal.


Watch Chris's interview on NBN news from Taree




J BOSHER 13-3-2011 039john bosher.JPG (203040 bytes)    J BOSHER 13-3-2011 105john bosher.JPG (244939 bytes)    J BOSHER 13-3-2011 228john bosher.JPG (305432 bytes)    

Thanks for the photos from the UHPBC March Club Day John Bosher



6b9b41a25ab9227bd9b9ba6172676b8f.jpg (76549 bytes)    0eddc32ed03d89730bff853f7ab2bdbf.jpg (18407 bytes)    0fd7ed926d18f48f4835afb60f9272b1.jpg (100310 bytes)    1b0a1724c24f246c91e26d70cc6be842.jpg (104612 bytes)    1e342f0dc77319147d30e161b085ef04.jpg (89068 bytes)

6ede818181517bbba7ec00e412f758c9.jpg (82544 bytes)    8ad623bfa935a8f32548b32932dbea6d.jpg (82662 bytes)     a1f3b0b0123d1e840af727d7f8bf37ee.jpg (58553 bytes)   30c6aeb8c0eed8e6f563b5fe62a77902.jpg (20131 bytes)    84e24060fce0f7777317d4ec4f76157a.jpg (17905 bytes)

775ce2afabfe9c03975f75de724f4cad.jpg (97514 bytes)    904ef78db613f0ec064a113070600db1.jpg (81928 bytes)    004297a9944c55a4959faf4356eeda51.jpg (85299 bytes)    79134e248216d54c17d14a50cc6bee1d.jpg (75191 bytes)    3968226630cf733c65c99b76c030afae.jpg (70661 bytes)

044963684766eff81d930af3767196ff.jpg (90541 bytes)      22a8c1c62f0b6bd21bec9aa0db181d47.jpg (18028 bytes)    a4abfaa6938613d0a307cd3dba6af314.jpg (95294 bytes)    a238a71dd0310febda0f0dc8f506ed54.jpg (78218 bytes)    acc618e9a7a590d9dcc7854a2dd97d77.jpg (106996 bytes)

aef30bafab0892b7255d1e796080d9fe.jpg (13809 bytes)    bd964dd6465085b2aa41fb144ffea37e.jpg (14721 bytes)    c4fc4afd85fd7050af4fba5764d9510a.jpg (12529 bytes)    chris dad melton.jpg (56322 bytes)    d614867728bb73e132bcb5327953d62a.jpg (88429 bytes)

e49ee8c67c01ba0190eea4c35f41d126.jpg (87136 bytes)    ff11fe7ee79912005fb8c9a5e9f883d1.jpg (111672 bytes)


Thanks for the use of your photos Rolf



arp melton 2.jpg (57525 bytes)    arp melton 4.jpg (65336 bytes)    arp melton 5.jpg (84216 bytes)    arp melton 7.jpg (72224 bytes)    arp melton 8.jpg (63824 bytes)

arp melton.jpg (62893 bytes)    arp melton3.jpg (48665 bytes)            


Thanks for the use of your photos Wayne



renee spec1.jpg (47264 bytes)      renee spec11.jpg (88921 bytes) 

  renee spec13.jpg (80645 bytes)        

  renee spec8.jpg (54377 bytes)      


Renee Gardner Photos. Thanks Renee


Rouse Hill times Oxy Article (2).jpg (177101 bytes)

An article that appeared in the Rouse Hill Times on the 7th July



BRADMcDONALD-WINDSOR 19-09-2010-2030c.jpg (375436 bytes)    BRADMcDONALD-WINDSOR 19-09-2010-2031c.jpg (390732 bytes)    BRADMcDONALD-WINDSOR 19-09-2010-2034c.jpg (396718 bytes)    BRADMcDONALD-WINDSOR 19-09-2010-2039a.jpg (445964 bytes)    BRADMcDONALD-WINDSOR 19-09-2010-2042c.jpg (429909 bytes)

Brad McDonald Photo's. Thanks Brad











Keith Friend Photo, thanks Keith.

john bosher 120636.JPG (149943 bytes)    john bosher 120613.JPG (131575 bytes)    

Copy of BOAT RACE.jpg (339190 bytes)    john bosher 120466.JPG (196452 bytes)    john bosher 120477.JPG (168801 bytes)    john bosher 120472.JPG (269291 bytes)    john bosher 120511.JPG (180705 bytes)

    john bosher 120525.JPG (119408 bytes)  john bosher 120617.JPG (174565 bytes)  john bosher 120568.JPG (81620 bytes)   

      Thanks for the photos from the UHPBC Spectacular John Bosher


100528cg21.jpg (712384 bytes)    100528cg22.jpg (680057 bytes)

Photos that were taken in Mildura by the local newspaper.


OO6U7876.JPG (257546 bytes)    OO6U7938.JPG (227477 bytes)    OO6U8402.JPG (371074 bytes)    OO6U8931.JPG (228281 bytes)

Thanks for the photos John Bosher

UHPBC August Club Day


Chris's proof that cells are the way to go

Courtesy of Mike Smith Graffix


OO6U5591.jpg (324505 bytes)    OO6U5822.jpg (222886 bytes)    OO6U5832.jpg (301359 bytes)    OO6U5871.jpg (227767 bytes)    OO6U6165.jpg (245432 bytes)

Thanks for the photos John Bosher

UHPBC April Club Day


IMG_0878.jpg (5231795 bytes)    IMG_0879.jpg (4510468 bytes)    IMG_0886.jpg (3762206 bytes)    

Thanks Mick Dart for the photos.

Dargle 2010. 


Berri 2010 028.JPG (2819413 bytes)    Berri 2010 030.JPG (2027964 bytes)     Berri 2010 031.JPG (1875697 bytes)    Berri 2010 032.JPG (2225858 bytes)    Berri 2010 024.JPG (2084550 bytes)    Berri 2010 048.JPG (2468653 bytes)    Berri_2010_040.JPG (2786993 bytes)

Berri 2010


bt09 sat 7d 116.jpg (1185735 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 117.jpg (1337661 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 118.jpg (1181541 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 119.jpg (1251973 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 120.jpg (1494109 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 121.jpg (1519221 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 122.jpg (1541135 bytes)

bt09 sat 7d 123.jpg (1584156 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 124.jpg (1553197 bytes)    bt09_sat_7d_125.jpg (1484057 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 126.jpg (1453152 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 127.jpg (1479055 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 128.jpg (1575870 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 129.jpg (1606996 bytes)    

                                                                bt09 sat 7d 130.jpg (1618463 bytes)    bt09 sat 7d 131.jpg (1680419 bytes)

                                        bt09 sun 40d 259.jpg (1019533 bytes)    bt09 sun 40d 1120.jpg (1209332 bytes)    bt09 sun 40d 2324.jpg (1094046 bytes)    bt09 sun 40d 2360.jpg (1374019 bytes)

Thanks Wayne from All Race Photography for the use of your Bundy photos


    _MG_6910draft.jpg (345994 bytes)        yj2.jpg (104692 bytes)   yj3.jpg (99309 bytes)   yj7.jpg (59447 bytes)

yj6.jpg (101130 bytes)    yj5.jpg (109136 bytes)   yj4.jpg (101513 bytes)   

yj8.jpg (70174 bytes)     yj9.jpg (72440 bytes)   

 Thanks Janeen for the use of your awesome shots.


Oxy Spray.jpg (351768 bytes)    oxy windsor.jpg (284443 bytes)   

Thanks John Bosher for the use of your photos.


IMG_3477.JPG (3226737 bytes)    IMG_3482.JPG (2608677 bytes)   


We appreciate the support of our family crew,

Alan, Joy, Wayne, Sammy, Mallory, Lana, Briney, Dennis, Bird, Uncle Al.


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