Competitor Information

Major Races

King of the River, Unlimited Open Invitation.

Dargle Gold Cup, Unlimited Open.

Grandfather Bertie, Unlimited Displacement.

Casenails, 6 Ltr Open.

Seabreeze Trophy, 6ltr Displacement.

Queen of the Creek, Dargle Gold Cup non-qualifiers.

Turmoil Cup, TBA.

John ‘Rocky’ Allen, 5.2 Ltr Disp but of not enough Displacements will be Open.

Chiquita Cup, 5.2 Ltr Open.

4.2 Ltr Oz Boats, Australian Titles.

Plus F2, 105mph, 1250cc, Mono’s, F4, 550cc /25hp and Formula Futures.

  Plus the following APBA Championships;

Arch Spooner Australian Unlimited Outboard Championship

Jack Howarth, NSW Unlimited Outboard Championship

Stuart Doyle, NSW Unlimited Displacement Championship

 Dargle entries close Friday 1st June. (Late entry fee applicable from 2nd June)


 APBA Entries close Friday 25th May.  Email to  



      Only if you are entering the Arch Spooner, Jack Howarth or Stuart Doyle.

  How to submit an entry.

  Post a completed Entry form to: DVBC, 353 River Road, Lower Portland, NSW, 2756.

  Or email to:

  Or submit and pay online with PayPal at HERE  

 If you are only racing in the DVBC races then you only need to submit a  DVBC entry form.

 If you are competing in one of the 3 APBA Championships then you need  to submit an APBA entry to the NSW APBA Secretary by the 25th May and  you also need to submit a DVBC entry form to Dargle so you can race in  the DVBC races, got it!

  How to pay your Safety Levy.

  Send a Cheque payable to DVBC please   OR

  Direct Deposit, the details are; (Please leave boat name as reference, thank you.)    Westpac Account Name: DVBC,  BSB: 032274,  Account No: 136948.  Or

  Pay with cash at registration but the late safety levy fee will be applicable.

  Seniors Safety Levy - $185        

  Formula Futures Safety Levy - $30

  Entries submitted after Friday 1st June or at Registration will be $250 for   Seniors and $50 for Formula Future


 Any class not mentioned that wants to race must have 4 bona fide entries at close of early entries on Friday 1st June.

You must present all original documentation at scrutineering / registration.

  Methanol or Avgas Order: Please indicate on the entry form how many 200 Ltr drums of Methanol you are buying or how many x 20 Ltrs of Avgas you are buying. Price to be advised

 Pits spots will be allocated after close of entries on Friday 1st June and there will be no transporters or caravans on the river side of the pit area.

  Four (4) pit and gate passes per entry paid and an extra 4 pit passes will be allocated to each entry paid if you need them but a gate pass will need to be purchased for each extra pit pass.

  Due to the number of races we need to run and the limited amount of daylight there will only be a short window of time for practice on Saturday morning.

  Water is open from 8.30am Saturday so the first practice or Formula Future race will be on the water at 8.30am! (Fog permitting)

  Camping is allowed in the pits on the perimeter fence.

  If you don't need to bring your dog, please don't, thank you and if you really need to then please keep it on a lead and ensure you clean up after it, thank you.

NO ALCOHOL & NO GLASS is to be brought into the venue during event hours. It is a licensed event AND Prizemoney is subsidised by bar sales. Please support those who put the show on the water.

  To book your campsite, ring Tracey (02)4579-1291

  The powered ones are already gone!!


  Gate Admission - Adults $20 Sat, $25 Sun, $40 -  2 day pass

  Students to age 16 $10 Sat. $15 Sun, $20 -  2 day pass.

  Under 10’s No charge

 Program and times subject to Change at the discretion of the Race Committee

Thursday 7th June

Park opens for camping and not prior.

Kiosk open.

Pits open for set up, allocated pit spots.

No transporters or caravans on the river side of the pit area.

Friday 8th June

Scrutineering from Midday.

Bar and food available from 2pm

Saturday 9th June

Scrutineering from 6.30am to 9am

Breath Testing: 7.00am to 8.30am

Drivers Briefing: 8.15am

Pits Close: 8.00am

On Water: 8.30am

Sunday 10th June

Scrutineering by request

Breath Testing: 7.00am to 8.30am

Pits Close: 8.00am

Drivers Briefing: 8.15am  

On Water: 8.30am


DVBC Online Entry DVBC Entry Form in PDF APBA Championship entry form in PDF

Dargle is a C1 event and a full APBA licence is required to be able to compete.